Every day is a good day to eat Curry

Curry is about exploration, to discover that wondrous combination  of  flavours, that special culinary moment.  Who knows where or when this will be?  This website records the travels of the near Mythical Hector who has sought the local Curry House for decades but has only recorded these moments for a fraction of this time period.

For those who are happy to visit the local Curry House every week and order the same dish, I do not criticise, enjoy your Curry.  For some twenty years Lamb Rogan Josh at the Akash in Helensburgh was all.  From 1995 onwards, Hector’s life took him on regular visits to Yorkshire, Bradford was well established, for Hector this was a discovery. In 1996 Mother India opened in Glasgow precipitating a Curry Revolution locally, yet so few visits thereafter.  Hector was created and let loose. 

In operation since 2010, this website has become recognised in Scotland, throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond as a reliable source of information on the Curry scene. Hector, the author of this site, was shortlisted as Curry Lover of The Year 2011, 2012 and 2016 in the Scottish Curry Awards. 2014 left Curry-Heute as Glasgow’s only active Curry Blog.  Read Hector’s Curry Lust to discover the origins of Hector’s love of Curry.  Every Curry consumed is a celebration of surely the World’s greatest culinary creation. 

The Curry-Heute Campaign

Capsicum is Ballast Curry-Heute (5)

Is Glasgow Curry the best served in the UK?

Hector don’t you think you’re living here in paradise?

Given some of the Curry currently being served, this may well be true.

Glasgow Yadgar #80 Curry-Heute (15)Glasgow was voted The Curry Capital of Britain in 2010

Hector is appreciative of the quality of Curry served on his doorstep.  First it was The Village, then Cafe  Salma, Yadgar, The Khyber, Karahi Palace and Punjabi Charing Cross. Kabana was explored but has yet to live up to expectations. Lasani Grill was the discovery of 2014, but with a Chef imported from Yadgar  the former may have shot itself in the foot.  2015 saw Cafe Salma re-emerge as Mia Sugar & Spice.  So far 2016 has brought two great additions: the discovery of Ambala Deli Bar and the re-opening of The Khyber as The Khyber Pass, Afghan Cuisine has returned to Glasgow.

Glasgow delights, Bradford endures!

In 2011 Bradford regained the title and has retained it since,  Hector approves.

Hector visits Bradford (Yorkshire, England) whenever the opperchancity occurs.  For twenty years Hector has championed the Curry of Bradford: The International, Kashmir, Omar’s Balti House, and the Sheesh Mahal have tantalised  on every visit.  With the opening of the Bradford-based Akbar’s in Glasgow, the circle is complete.

The International Perspective

Taj Mahal Curry-Heute (1)Taj Mahal Curry-Heute (2)

 India 2016 The Trip is related in full – here.

Curry in Germany has been  well behind the UK for the forty years Hector has visited; new venues and experiences are appearing there.  The Indian Mango in München has a South Indian Curry menu and matches anything served in Hector’s favourite Curry houses in the UK.  Erlangen intrigues, so many venues in this moderately sized town. Belgium  has disappointed, whilst Nederland has great promise.    Hidden away in Athens, Greece, are some gems. 2014 saw the first Italia Curry reviews and  Düsseldorf  having coverage which addresses the imbalance which favoured   Köln.

2015 saw the introduction of Morocco, the third North African nation, and extended coverage of Polska,

To boldly go…

This is a record of all Curry consumed.  

Wherever Hector travels he seeks out the local Curry House.

If they cook it, I will come..

Recipes too!

Cook you own Curry: try Hector’s Curry  Recipes, they work!

One of these photos is a Hector Curry, the other is from Yadgar, Glasgow.


Prog! – More than just a Glasgow Curry Blog

From time to time there are reports on Live Music : Progressive Rock being Hector’s Cup of Tea…

The Can Project

(Irmin Schmidt, Malcolm Mooney – The Barbican, London – April 2017)

Manuel Göttsching (Glasgow 2010)        Damo Suzuki (Glasgow 2011)

Michael Rother plus Fiona Soe Paing (Glasgow 2016)

Michael Rother – Flammende Herzen (Düsseldorf 2016)

Comedy of Errors plus Abel Ganz (May 2011)   

      Pendragon plus Andy Sears (Glasgow 2011)   

Motörhead (Glasgow 2011)         Grey Lady Down (Rotherham 2012)

  Pendragon (Leamington Spa 2012)

Comedy of Errors ( Glasgow Aug 2013)

Pallas plus Comedy of Errors (Glasgow Nov 2013)

Pendragon plus Gary Chandler (Katowice October 2014)

Pendragon plus Gary Chandler (Glasgow November 2014)

IQ  (Bury  September 2015)

Steve Hackett with Roine Stolt (Glasgow October 2015)

Steve Hackett (Glasgow May 2017)

Steven Wilson (Poznan April 2016)

Pendragon plus Christina Booth (Glasgow May 2016)

 Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow + Manfred Mann’s Earth Band + Thin Lizzy

(Monsters of Rock, Bietigheim-Bissingen June 2016)

 Magma (Edinburgh 2016)

All this and Bier too


Once there was an Ale called Hector Curry-Heute, or was there…



The same author, the same style, the  website Bier-Traveller.com covers Hector’s Travels with a focus on Bier.

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