Cafe Salma, a rival to the Village?

Recent reports in the press and other Blogs have suggested that there is a pretender to the title best curry house in Glasgow. The Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall Street, G3 7PQ) is a Moroccan café/restaurant that also happens to sell curry. They advertise on their brochure that this is Desi style cooking: it is most apparent that they know what they are doing. The owner/manager is most welcoming and makes sure that the experience is a pleasant one. Given that there is a separate menu for the Moroccan dishes one has to be slightly embarrassed at not ordering what is probably the best food cooked in the house, but, this is a Curry Adventure!

Hector and Marg ordered the Lahori Karahi (Lamb) and the Garam Masala (Chicken). The Lahori Karahi prepared from fresh Meat, Garlic, Ginger and Tomatoes, and finished with Ginger Flakes and Coriander looked very familiar. Somebody has clearly been across the river to the Village. This was certainly above the average and is recommended. The Garam Masala was actually more pungent, prepared with Garlic Butter, warm spices and fresh Coriander.
Mein Host advised us that we should have ordered the Garlic and Coriander Nan as he boastfully displayed it en route to an adjacent table. He was probably correct.

Given the proximity of this restaurant to others in the Charing Cross area, this could become a place of temptation which could relegate the Balbirs Tiffin Rooms (573 Sauchiehall Street, G3 7PQ) next door.

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