More Mango in München

 The Volcano has taken us prisoner

A welcome return to the Indian Mango (Zweibrückenstrasse 15, München). There was a 13.00 rendezvous suggested. Four of us made it, though Steve did drop by towards the end of our meal. He thought it was too soon after the Indien Express the night before. Usually a midday curry would mean that the lunch offer would be taken, however it was a Saturday so only the full menu was on offer. The board at the door was most inviting. Chettinad, this is a new one. Apparently it relates to the food prepared in the southern Indian province of Tamil Nadu.

Jonathan and Hector ordered the Chettinad Fish, Dr Stan the Chettinad Lamb and Marg the Mango Chicken from the standard menu. The Chettinad dishes looked as if they had been prepared using fresh Tomatoes and coarsely cut Onions. There was a rugged look. The taste was not the usual Mango curry taste: this indeed was another Special Dish.

When we met up with Steve, he admitted that the Curry aroma had got on to his palate, he returned a few hours later and had the Chettinad Lamb – ‘superb’ was the verdict.

Are we reaching the stage of going to München for the Curry experience?

CNN was on the TV showing clouds of volcanic ash across Europe; how are we going to ge back to Scotland?

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