A Village Birthday Treat!

Sunday as will be posted was the planned birthday-dinner Curry Fest, but how could Marg refuse Hector: the promise of a Village (Nelson St, Glasgow) Curry is one way of extracting a man from The 23rd Paisley Beer Festival.

Arriving at the temporary ‘Villagio’ Hector was surprised to see it closed so early. Upstairs it is then: the upstairs restaurant has not been blogged and it a while since Hector and Marg have been here. The upstairs has an ambience that the café does not.

It was empty for a Friday night (very strange) and our favourite (downstairs) waiter was in attendance,
The downstairs menu was also presented, strange happening number three.

Hector was drawn once more to the Lamb Lahore a very spicy and satisfying dish. Marg had the Chicken Tawa: what is it with people and this dish? I must try it some time.

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