The Wee Curry Shop (Buccleuch St)

Hector’s Birthday Treat continues…

A pre-theatre venue was required, and so given the events of the past few days, The Wee Curry Shop (Buccleuch St, Glasgow, G3 6SJ) in the centre of the city was the obvious choice.
Yes it lives up to its name in terms of size being appreciably smaller than the Ashton Lane branch. One has to wonder why when one walks in to a restaurant to find no other customers the staff tend to insist that you sit at microscopic tables… do they really believe that a coach load is always imminent?
And so Hector and Marg sat out our little table and were made to feel welcome. The young waiter certainly looked after us. The menu was on the small side but sitting with his back to the wall with The Board, Hector did not spot the Lamb and Leek on offer. What, Lamb and Leek, what a strange coincidence this is?
We shared a Green Herb Vegetable Pakora which had been freshly prepared and the accompanying chilli sauce was certainly hotter than most encounters: definitely recommended.
Marg had the Chicken (on the bone) with Crispy Okra which looked brilliant and was much appreciated. Hector had the Lamb Karahi, for a change, well how is one meant to make comparisons if there is no basis for doing so…? There was instantaneous satisfaction: ‘the taste’ was there, something exotic, was there a hint of puréed carrot in the mix? Suffice to note, given the negative reaction to this chain’s offering two days before, this was splendid.

The conclusion: stick to the small houses, not the ‘great industrial curry houses’. However, a colleague highly recommends that place which could be the biggest in Glasgow, Scotland, nay The World…

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