Bukharah – The Lorne Hotel, Glasgow

Jonathan is indisposed…

And so when Mags suggested last night in The Bon Accord last night that she would love to join us in The Village one  Saturday, and the story of the rats was unveiled once more, it was a case of ‘So where are you going tomorrow?’

Hector arrived at the Bukharah (923 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow) bang on 3pm as arranged. The restaurant is on the west wing of the building and has its own entrance, but Hector did walk in through the main hotel entrance, and why not?

The Lorne Hotel was redeveloped and the intention was to build the biggest Curry House in Scotland. With the demise of Crème de la Crème (cue the romantic music, Marg) which was possibly the biggest Curry House on the planet, this was no great aim.
The place was empty as one would expect at this time of day…why have people not yet realised that this is the perfect time of day to savour a curry?

The waiter was quite amused by the fact that Hector was sitting alone and so the poppadoms were offered: ‘while you wait’. That we were not charged for these is a plus.

There was pleasant banter in the ten minutes it took Mags to arrive by which time the supposition was that it was a chap with whom I had made the rendezvous. ‘Worth waiting for.’ was the polite admittance.

And so down to business… Hector has seen an attractive dish on the website: ‘LAMB RASANDER TAVA Chunks of Lamb cooked in a rich spicy sauce with fresh ginger to give an extra bite’. The appearance was excellent, yet again on a black karahi… there was absolutely no distinctive taste to make this a standout curry, but the extra bite of the ginger, presumably, made this a dish to remember, The sweat was emitting from the skull, so this was no way a disappointment. Alas, it had been built up, so one was hoping for more.

Mags, aka Ms Korma, had the Chicken Karahi and found it pleasant. In the interest of decorum, Hector declined a taste of the curry below.

The menu did have a Desi dish which Hector stated he would no doubt be drawn to if ever he appears here again. There was also the leg of lamb dish requiring 24 hours notice: now a Kleftiko Curry could be the ultimate experience: the challenge to Marg: are we willing to risk £30?
The experience was very positive, alas there was no evidence of ‘the taste.’

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