Mister Singh’s India (Elderslie Street)

Escaped at last!

Jonathan writes: I know that the intention of this blog is to record every curry. As hopefully nobody else will have to endure the lamb curry at the Southern General, a photo will suffice!
One of the first things to do after my release was to seek a curry. In the spirit of Curry-heute, I decided to try somewhere different. Accompanied by John, I visited Mister Singh’s for their lunch.
This is another restaurant that offers haggis pakora (as well as offering haggis curries!). Despite this simply being haggis in batter, I thought it made a good starter, particularly when paired with a complementary cup of Indian Chicken soup.
For main courses, I ordered chicken Malaider (spinach puree with garlic, green chillies and cream). John ordered chicken Ambala (described as “authentic, rich and flavoursome”). Both were well prepared and tasty, although they both lacked that special taste.
On the face of it, the lunch menu was reasonably priced – £8.95 per head for three courses. The sundries were overpriced – £3.95 for 2 poppadoms with spices. Worse, however, was the cost of drinks. I object to paying over the odds for soft drinks. £1.50 for a glass of soda water and lime is grossly excessive. When I challenged the manager, he tried to say that licensing laws prevented them from reducing drinks prices! I’ve never heard of licensing laws affecting the sale of soft drinks… As a result of this blatant rip off, I will not return to this establishment, nor will I recommend it to others.
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  1. Hector says:

    Draught soda water should be free!
    It costs the venue nothing.
    If one requests lime, then this is another ball game.

    Let us encourage the eating of curry without alcohol. (Unless it is in Edinburgh's Veranda where they serve Budvar!)

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