Balbir’s Route 77 (on the way to Prestwick Airport)

This is one of three Balbir’s experienced by Hector

Since Mr O’Leary changed Hector’s life some ten years ago, Balbir’s Route 77, on the A77 between Glasgow and Prestwick Airport has been passed more times than I can remember. However as the train usually takes us down it has mostly been seen in the other direction when Marg picks us up from our foreign sojourns. The fancy for a curry after a trip has been confirmed too often by the sight of this building 8km north of the airport, alas it is on the other side of the dual carriageway and so has always been passed at high speed.

We had considered today’s treat being at The Turban in Eastwood but the online menu did not grab me and so at the last minute a long-ish drive for a curry appeared to be a worthwhile suggestion. It was a pleasant spring evening and in Scotland at this time of year the sun is shining until after 21.00.
Hector should have done more research.

We were asked if we wanted the menu: as I do not particularly enjoy the general blandness of buffets we accepted the menu. I did not see a buffet set up on the way in but had not realised what the alternative was. Nor did anyone try to tell us.
The Lamb Tava looked to be the most likely dish that this commentator would order: Lamb fillet pan fried with onions, peppers and fresh herbs. I verified that the quoted peppers were capsicums. The waiter struggled to understand that I did not want these in a curry. He told me they were already in and could not be taken out.

Now I do not believe this for a minute.

Hector ‘settled’ for the Lamb Chilli Ginger: lamb cooked in a rich tarka bhoona base with plenty of fresh ginger and sliced green chillies. Marg was going to have this, but being the delightful lady she is, opted for the Chicken Parsi: chicken breast cooked to a sweet and sour flavour with chillies and coconut.

An enjoyable Pakora was wolfed whilst we waited for the main event. There were certainly more pieces served than in our last outing.
The Lamb Chilli Ginger did have a very pleasant kick and its appearance looked as though it had certainly been freshly prepared. The dish was enjoyable but not sensational.

The Chicken Parsi certainly had a kick, Marg kept telling me this. One must congratulate the chef for serving a coconut curry with a kick, why should korma-style dishes always be mild?
The plates were cleaned, the volume was just a shade less than total satisfaction.

Now this is when Hector realises that the research should have been done in advance AND the staff could have been more communicative.
Apparently, in the first five years of this venue being open, there was no menu. The chef cooked whatever one asked for. This is now described as ‘The Banquet’. Now this was not at all visible from our table at the far wall. No offer was made. No price was quoted: it could well have been worth it, I do not know. However, the thought of the chef preparing a Bradford-style curry to my specifications, with loads of Methi and a dry sauce…well… We could have had the fish too!

Now those of you paying attention will realise that when the waiter said I could not have the Lamb Tava without capsicums…

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