Wir essen Curry Heute im den Rathaus!

A return to The Village

Three weeks since Hector’s last visit to the ‘Glasgow Mecca‘, well the publicity has not be that sensational in recent times. The café has clearly now met the approval of those who decide when our health and safety are not being compromised and so it is business as usual.

The Board had Aloo Gosht, it must be matter of days since I had this, I must like it, because there was nothing else going to interest me: lamb on the bone in one of my favourite sauces.

Jonathan ordered the Chicken Tawa then changed his mind when we were asked if I wanted mine on the bone or off. Jonathan would have preferred the ‘off the bone’ version of Aloo Gosht but the waiter had not heard him, he is a quiet chap after all. And so Chicken Tawa it was to be.

We sat in companionable silence and ate. It was towards the end game when Hector announced that this was comfort eating.
It has been written before; it will hopefully continue to be written: The Village serves the best curry in Glasgow.


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