Nando’s, NOT a curry!

Today Hector was dragged from his bed early in the morning and he was not going to an airport: instead he was being persuaded up a mountain…

Clydesdale Hockey Club (male), incorporating Glasgow Western Hockey Club (female) were having a sponsored walk to raise money for a new pitch. Marg was determined to get me up the hill.

Arrive Alive

It was not the happiest of experiences after twenty minutes or so when the near vertical climb from Succoth (sea level)at 10.30 up to the edge of the hanging valley nearly finished me. The next hour was easy and after a brief lunch stop it was another vertical climb to the summit (984m) arriving at 13.50. The path was barely existent and there were rock fields to negotiate.

Hector has climbed his first Munro,: the reward was a visit to Nando’s!

Nando’s is not a curry house but a chain with a South African/Portuguese origin. The number of branches in the UK has mushroomed in recent years. The black flag chicken is wild: this is hotter than any curry.

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