Lamb Mishkaki : A Kinda’ Curry in Crawley

The Ram Sports & Social Club (Ifield Avenue, Crawley RH11 7LX) is an unlikely venue for a major taste experience, but within the club house lies the Lal Akash, as is written on the crockery.

Lord Clive had recommended this. He described it as being reminiscent of the very dry lamb curry he had enjoyed so much in the Wee Curry House (Byres Rd, Glasgow) a couple of years ago.

A table for eight at 19.30 was arranged.

Hector had the Machi Tikka to start: this proved to be dry, brutally hot and decidedly filling. However, given the ease at which Hector has been putting away a starter and a curry of late, this would prove not be a problem.

Its Pakora Jim, but not as we know it…

Three portions of Junglee Bahji were ordered, this was various vegetables in batter… . This was given the thumbs up by those who ordered it and by those who helped finish it.

Maggie had a huge Chicken Tikka starter, and Lord Clive had an even larger, out of focus Chicken starter.

The dish of the day was a Lamb Mishkaki. Lord Clive had had this as a starter the previous week: tonight it was to be had as a main course. When it arrived (last) it was presented as three portions on a single plate. This did not please Jonathan, Lord Clive or Hector: it was sent back and reappeared with some green accompaniment, and on separate plates.

This was superb! This was not in effect a Curry as one would describe a Curry. This was Lamb Tika taken to extremes. The meat was much more tender than Lamb Tikka. The marinade process must have taken an age. There was a cluster of spice and herb, more than enough to dispel any fear that this would be too dry to eat. The accompanying rice and Paratha worked well. Marg was permitted to sample a single piece of meat. Hector was in heaven.

The remaining five participants had an array of more traditional curry dishes.
Maggie had a Dansak, Dr Stan a Sweet and Sour variant,

Marg had a plate of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, sorry Butter Chicken, Yvonne had the Rogan Josh and Craig had the best of all the curries: a Chicken Methi.

Having hoovered his own meal, Hector rounded up the sauces in all the remaining dishes and tried the lot. This is called quality control.

This is why I am able to write so favourably about the Methi.

Now here lies the dilemma: Dry Curry is what I seek. The Methi (would Lamb have been better?) had the great taste. We shall be back at the end of June on our way to Egypt. What do I order?

This Methi was excellent!

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