The Village Calls…

Friday Night is Curry Night?

It is two weeks since Jonathan and Hector sat together and dined in The Village (Nelson St, Glasgow). This had to be rectified, and such was the weekend schedule there was only one window of opperchancity.

This means it is over a month since Hector had the Village Lamb Desi Korma (hot) with vegetable rice. Ah, what a delight.

Tonight it was the turn of the chef who produces ‘the brown’ variety to be on duty. The dish appears in random colours, the texture is inconsistent, the taste varies, some are markedly better than others. This was in top form: the citrus was effective, the quantity perfect and the temperature was steaming hot.

Hector got stuck in whilst Jonathan waited an age for his meal.

Perhaps inspired by the great experience in Crawley six days previously, Jonathan ordered the Lamb Tikka. This was due to come with sauce and rice.

The rice and sauce came along with Hector’s curry, the meat arrived after an uncomfortable period of time. Time to cool down?

We like our food hot, as in straight from the pot hot. I suspect one of us had the better deal.

Jonathan described the Lamb Tikka as dry and tender and not too spicy.
Hector did taste the sauce, for quality control purposes. Could it possible have come out of the same pot as the Lamb Desi Korma? You bet, but it was very sweet in comparison. Ah, the citrus…

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