D/Phyeley : A Village phenomenon

Hector saw the lights of Bradford, but the Curry was over a green hill far away…

A Curry-free weekend. Well almost. The Field Centre at Malham had Local Lamb Curry on the menu on Saturday evening. From where was this being sourced Hector enquired. It turned out that it was the Lamb that was local, not the Curry. So, not a Desi as one would hope, but an in-house ‘catering for children’ style meal. Hector had three platefuls.

A soon as Marg was free we sped straight to The Village. A starter for a change. The D/Phyeley had been spotted previously on the menu. When one ‘Google’s’ this, The Village on-line menu appears. Whatever it means, it must be unique?

We were advised that it was lentil and yogurt based. Perhaps it was, in reality it was like cold sponge with flour balls covered in yogurt. Not wonderful.

And so straight in to the main event. Hector ordered a hot Lamb Lahore, Marg the Lamb Tawa.

The Lamb Lahore immediately hit the spot.

Marg started the Tawa then stopped. ‘There are chillies in this’. Had the chef spiced up the wrong dish?

We swopped the entire meals, so Hector was now in charge of the Lamb Tawa, Marg the Lamb Lahore.

The Lamb Tawa immediately hit the spot.

‘There are chillies in this’, the lady declared once more. So there were. No error had been made. Marg was simply being tested, a real curry after the safety net of Butter Chicken elsewhere.

Hector can verify that both dishes were in good form.

We then went to the King’s Theatre to see Spamalot. It is a musical! …with songs, and dancing…and the occasional Monty Python scene re-enacted from the movie.
Fear not, a theatrical Blog is not about to be born.

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