A Beginner’s Curry

A Curriculum for Excellence!

Hector has been asked for his recipes many times over the years. Some have logged into this Blog to access that which has been posted already. This Curry-Heute was something different, a lesson.
The Sixth Years are leaving within two weeks, they have been involved in a variety of activities designed to prepare them for life after school. A semi serious suggestion was made to the organiser that I might do a Curry demonstration, this was taken up.

Today five chaps and the school nurse were present at the boarding house. The latter was a distinct advantage in case of accidents. Ah, the world of Risk Assessment and Health and Safety…

A chopping we will go…

A mass chopping of onions was soon underway with an appropriate number of accompanying tears. It is a sad thing to leave school, the emotions were high. Six people chopping onions simultaneously, madness! The Masala was taking shape some twenty minutes later after the Ginger and Garlic had been added to the heated oil and onion mix.

When the tomatoes were added along with the spices and herbs the aroma was beckoning very recognisable. The chaps were making their first ever Curry and they realised it was going to be something special. One chap had never peeled a potato in his life before today. Some had clearly been in a kitchen ‘watching with mother’.

The question of Rice was also addressed. Mass cooking Rice for six people is something that needs care. There was multiple rinsing then the microwave was put on full blast for much longer than anticipated.

In the end there was a large bowl of Basmati cooked properly. Each chap then brought their pot to the table. The proof is in the eating.
Some found it hot and dived for the fridge.

Cookie was in his element. He ate for Scotland.

Hector learned something today…

To see six Curries prepared with identical ingredients turn out differently was most interesting. The most impressive looking Curry was the one prepared in the Wok.
The better the pot, the better the Curry!

How often do you eat Curry?

This is a question asked frequently. The answer lies within this Blog.
The term ‘Curry’ is a mere convenience. It is cooking in an Asian style. Indians eat this food every day, if they are fortunate. Why can’t we? In 1994 in my visit to Sri Lanka I did try to eat Curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the end twice per day was sufficient.
The search for the equivalent of Indian home cooking (Desi) continues. After all, in India there are no ‘Indian Restaurants’.

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