Friday, 5-15, The Village

A Curry before the Bon Accord

This was the pre-Birthday Celebration Curry-Heute: Jonathan’s birthday was back in April in München and coincided with the Volcano. Tonight the masses were due at The Bon Accord to finally and formally celebrate his 40th.
When Mr Holden and Mr Taylor were up a month ago they were taken to The Village by Dr Stan and they raved about the Chapli Kebab starter. When a man from Bradford says this is a good Curry House and raves about a starter, one takes it seriously.
The Chapli Kebab hails from Afghanistan and is made from minced meat. Dr Stan and Jonathan both ordered this: Hector was permitted a taste. One could describe it as something like an Indian style schnitzel. Very tasty with the spice and the coriander to the fore. Next time I will be tempted.

As we were under a bit of pressure to get to The Bon Accord Hector wondered why starters were being ordered at all.

The main course took an age to arrive from the perspective of this commentator who had to wait whilst others ate.

For a complete change, Hector ordered the Saag Gosht. This is a very dry and herby dish, enough to me me a ‘happy old Hector’. The Mustard leaves are not as tart as the equivalent Palak (Spinach) version.

Dr Stan had the Village Lamb Desi Korma: it was the brown version tonight. Jonathan had the Lal Lahore which appeared to have more tomato than I remember from the start of the week when I nearly had this dish.

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