Cafe Salma, Revisited

It was Hector’s turn to select the venue for Curry-Heute. After the sheer extravagance of The Indian Gallery, the much more affordable Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, G3 7PQ) : at Charing X!) was the chosen venue.
That they do not have an alcohol licence does not bother Hector, but no cider for Alan?
The staff at Café Salma were all dressed in Moroccan style costumes and wearing the fez. Having booked a table I was surprised to see the place so quiet. We were offered a table downstairs in the recently developed Moroccan Room. This appears quite authentic but there is something missing, em the aroma… Around the Mediterranean most eating places have the stale smell of incense – josticks. Perhaps the smoke free rules have backfired somewhat here.

The staff was certainly attentive, the drinks were ordered as the complementary Popadoms and spiced onion were presented.
Fish Pakora, how can one resist? We didn’t : two portions between the three of us.

Alan ordered the chicken Jalfrezi : Garlic, ginger, peppers, onions and bullet chillies (spicy). Tracey ordered something quite different, the Shahi Bhuna : Tikka pieces of meat cooked with garlic, ginger, peppers, onions, boiled egg and special herbs. The hardboiled egg was the feature of this dish, certainly a novel addition. The presence of Capsicums in a Curry would prevent Hector ordering this.
Hector had tasted Marg’s Garam Masala : Garlic butter, warm spices and fresh coriander, on his last visit. This had to be experienced in full. This dish is magnificent. The texture, quantity and taste were all perfect.
The proprietor Hassan, had told us last time that we should have ordered the Garlic and Coriander Nan. Two of these were dispatched this evening with no difficulty. A Special Rice was also shared.

At the end of the meal there were lots of thanking and handshaking from the staff. Hassan himself made a point of thanking us on our departure.

The two occasions that I have visited Café Salma have impressed greatly. The food is excellent. The Moroccan dishes as featured on the Café Salma website are also attractive. Why the fish dishes cost twice the price of a Curry has yet to be established. Maybe they are that good!

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