Absent Friends and Mr Boyd, at The Village

Six on a Saturday afternoon

The Calendar stated that this was the day of ‘Yvonne at The Ally’. Inevitably this meant joining Jonathan, Dr Stan and Hector for the Saturday ritual curry. Marg had her first free weekend in ages, and Mr Boyd arrived, eventually.
The Chapli Kebab was the only starter ordered, by Mr Boyd.

All six of us ordered – wait for it : The Village Lamb Desi Korma (three ‘hot’). The accompaniments were Pilau Rice, vegetable Rice and a Paratha.

All six dishes arrived together, and guess what? They were all the same colour, texture and presumably taste. This must be the most consistent presentation of this dish achieved in my presence in all of the visits. So the conclusion now is: this dish is light brown.

It is of course the best Curry in Glasgow!

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