Sharm El Sheikh Tandoori – An Egyptian Curry

Hector and Marg : The 2010 Summer Vacation

There were to be four nights spent in Sharm El Sheik so a curry had to be found for at least one of these. Hector spotted signs advertising Indian restaurants but the locations meant little. The Dragon Group operate a chain of Thai/Sushi/Indian Curry Houses, outlets for which were spotted at the old market in Sharm itself at the Tiran Centre and in downtown Na’ama Bay. Tony Blair has been there more than once it would appear. What does he know about Curry-Heute? Where is his Curry Blog?
Other sources suggested that the award winning (why does every curry house win an award?) Tandoori Restaurant in the Camel Hotel Na’ama Bay would be worth a visit. This became Hector’s choice for the first curry of this trip.

The Bier Today
In the spirit of Bier Today, let it be noted that the Heineken here was the first draught bier of the holiday and the first truly cold one served anywhere…

The Onion Bhaji was strange, onion rings gone wrong could be the best description. It was neither Bhaji or Pakora. It tasted fine and was probably the last onion to be tasted this evening. The accompanying Popadoms came with the minimal of sauce.
Hector ordered the Lamb Madras and noted that the Lamb was appreciably dearer than the Chicken. The sauce had never seen an Onion, it was nowhere as bad as a Greek made curry experienced in Zakynthos some years back which was meat in Bisto, but it was getting towards this.  Marg had the Chicken Kurkach (this is a Polish word!?) which was more of a stir fry. Lots of Capsicum and very oily, just what Hector did not want. Marg occasionally tries to have something very different, sometimes this backfires.

The accompanying Vegetable Rice was sold as a Vegetable Biryani. The Garlic Nan was presented sliced.

On our second visit to Na’ama Bay we found another place on the front, The Maharaja, but this was after we had a wonderful meal at The Authentic Egyptian Restaurant.
And if wonderful meals are to be remembered, then there was a Curry in Luxor in 2008 at a restaurant in the south of the main drag and owned by a Yorkshire couple. This was memorable and should be sought out by anyone visiting this part of Egypt. Sadly Hector cannot verify the name but I believe it was located on El Madina El Monaora. Perhaps this is why all Curry-Heute is blogged.

But we still have the Photo…

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