Home, home again, The Village, of Course!

Too oily…not green enough…
Despite contacting the usual interested parties for a 17.00 rendezvous, other people were apparently too busy to join Marg and Hector. But surprise , surprise, John was in situ, his peace was about to shattered. John is at The Village (Nelson St, Glasgow) as often as Hector but this was the first time we have ever been simultaneously.

John was awaiting the Saag Gosht, a dish he had thoroughly enjoyed on Sunday. As is typical tonight’s dish was not as green as he had 48 hours previously and was described as being too oily.

The dish was completed and John was gone before Hector’s Village Lamb Desi Korma and Marg’s Lamb Tawa made their appearance. An Aloo Paratha and the Vegetable Rice were the accompaniments.

This was very much a homecoming meal.
This week The Village Lamb Desi Korma has a distinct yellow hew.
The Tawa was exceptionally oily, indeed there was a lake of oil left at the base of Marg’s dish.

Later we made a rendezvous at the Society Rooms for the promised Jaipur. Neil ordered food: it was NOT a Curry!

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