Aberdeen – Jewel In The Crown

Hector has been monitoring the Aberdeen Curry scene for ten years.

There have been a significant number of new openings in the last five years or so, few have been recommended, some have disappointed: too pretentious pour moi!
Jewel In The Crown (145 Crown St, Aberdeen, AB11 6HP) is an outlet that Hector found for himself. It became a firm favourite instantly There was a dish approaching Hector’s Bradford idyll but it is no longer on the menu.


An important piece of advice
Never order a bottle of sparkling mineral water at this establishment without establishng the price first. Two pints of Bier are probably cheaper! Yes I did take the empty bottle away with me and  I retain it to this day!

Thanks to a grid-lock in Glasgow’s Charing X area, it took Hector and Marg two hours to clear the city. This meant that our arrival in Aberdeen would be somewhat tardy. A carry out, or ‘Takeaway’ for our foreign readers, would be the only option.
Hector has three Aberdeen Curry Houses in his phone memory. Jewel In The Crown was en route. Without the aid of a menu I negotiated a Pakora for Marg and a Lamb Methi with Vegetable Rice for myself. It turned out that the Lamb Methi was not on the menu at all.    Why not?
The building was covered in scaffolding, not an attractive state of affairs for a basement premises. However, the place was stowed. They had said twenty five minutes, they meant it. At over £17 for this purchase one has to consider the Clydebank tea-time special at the New Café Punjab to be even more excellent value.

Marg assures me that her Pakora was freshly cooked and was crispy.
Seven pieces of Vegetable Pakora!
The Vegetable Rice is possibly the best I have encountered for some time in the UK, an array of interesting vegetables.
Ah, the Curry-Heute, it was more than adequate in portion size but it was nothing special at all.

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