Hector does Sushi

…for the first and the last time…

OK, Sushi is not Curry, but Hector does not eat Curry in every meal, surprisingly (?).
This was Barbara’s last night working at the Sushi House in the Union Square shopping development in Aberdeen. It was decreed that this is where we would have our next Aberdeen meal, in the company of the dear mother of said employee, Cath.
Hector will eat anything, except durian. Hector takes his food very seriously. There was clearly much preparation involved in this nouvelle cuisine style of ‘fast-food’. One of my favourite Woody Allen lines: “The food here is terrible.” “And yes, the portions are so small…” ..did not apply in terms of the food quality, but come on, how is a man meant to survive on this? This was not sparrow sized portions but portions commensurate with the appetite of a newly hatched sparrow.
The bill came, fortunately Cath was able to claim a 50% discount. Had she not, Hector would have been carried out on a stretcher.

More photos may follow… and no I did not go for a fish supper afterwards.

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