The Nazma at last!

What goes around…

The Nazma Tandoori (62 Bridge St, Aberdeen, AB11 2 JN, across from the station) is where Hector had his first Aberdeen Curry. OK, The Jewel In The Crown did take me away for the last few years, but this has become the focus of Hector’s ambition when taking summer or winter residence in Aberdeen. Needless to say the Curry I had here last December was truly outstanding. So, nothing to live up to then…
Sister Cath took us the Sushi House, other sister, Marion normally takes us somewhere quite ‘safe’; it was a great surprise when Marion decided that she and Graeme would ‘permit’ Hector and Marg to visit this renowned establishment.
Marion eating Curry-Heute? It is a pity that the two of them are out of focus and on the dark side. We shall rectify this in October in York. Good Curry Houses in York, anyone?

There were some new creations in the Starters: Aloo Dom was irresistible: potato in cumin seeds with coriander and fried in batter. This was to share. It was a bit of a mish-mash (sorry), a more crispy outer casing and warmer potato on the inside and this could have been perfect.
Graeme had the Fish Tikka starter and described it as ‘refreshing’. Hector realises he has not had a Fish Curry for some time now, this must be rectified soon.
And so to the main courses.

The Green Herb Lamb had to Hector’s dish, the menu described it a Bhuna variant but slightly hotter and covered in fresh coriander: sounds perfect! When the waiter brought it he muttered ‘Chicken Vindaloo’ I suspect just as his little joke…
Hector was not amused.
There was far too much sauce, the ‘covered in fresh coriander’ turned out to be a small blob of green stuff spooned on top of the dish at the time of serving. The taste was nothing like as impressive as the December version. Were they too busy, a different chef?
Marg had the Lamb Rogan Josh: she described it as ‘safe’ but did think the taste was rich. Or was it Marg’s choice that was ‘safe’?
Graeme had the Lamb Dansak and getting into the spirit of everything is recorded stated that there was definitely a kick and the quality of the Lamb was impressive.
Marion chose the North Bengal Fruity Chicken, described as mild on the menu. It certainly was. Marion loved it. Perhaps this was the first time Marion had ever found something to her taste in a Curry House? This was seriously sweet! May I draw one’s attention to the ever so modest recipe for this dish on the accompanying pages. Hector had offered to order her meal at the start…
Marg ordered a coffee whilst others consumed the demon drink. What a nifty serving system this is.

The bill came to £106, Hector thinks that a significant percentage of this was not food related. The management offered us more AND free drinks on the way out (nice gesture given the profit they had made) but this was declined.
Hector wanted a real Bier today.

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