To absent friends, and Hector

In Hector’s absence up north, 7 of us gathered at The Village for a Saturday afternoon curry.

 Although one of the best places for a curry, I have to admit that The Village is not exactly a byword for fast and efficient service – as Craig and Yvonne will confirm, having waited for an hour to be served their meals!

The delay was not the worst of it, however.

Five Desi Kormas were ordered – regular readers will know that this dish can vary substantially – unfortunately, the variation on this occasion was to forget it was meant to be “Desi”… 5 very ordinary Kormas were delivered, much to the disgust of most of us (Howard seemed happy with his…)

 A sign of a good restaurant is how it deals with complaints. The offending dishes were removed, and fairly quickly replaced with something closer to the usual. The accompanying rice dishes were also replaced, and a fresh naan bread was provided (a bonus, as the original was being shared between Howard and Tracey).

At the end of the meal, we were offered complimentary desserts by a somewhat embarrassed waiter. When these were declined, we were presented with the bill, which had been substantially discounted. All in all, in my opinion,   The Village redeemed itself well!

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  1. Hector says:

    It would appear that a Horrible time was had in Hector's absence.

    Yvonne tells me a new chef was in place.

    What colour will the Village Lamb Desi Korma be next week?

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