A day trip to München (Munich) : Indian Mango

No Stone Left Unturned

Neil and Marg fly home today…so Jonathan and I came down to see them off…..em…have a Mango Curry-Heute…maybe visit the Augustiner Tap? Text Howard from Andechs am Dom? St Jacobus is out of the question. For a nice day out in München!
In the end, Jonathan had to return towards Hilpoltstein to rescue a 30l Faß of Pyraser Landbier, any excuse. So no Curry-Heute for him, only Bier today.

The luggage was checked, Hector, Marg and Neil took the S-Bahn to Isartor…and minutes later were at Indian Mango (Zweibruckenstraße 15).
Mein Host, Herr Jolly Kunjappu, was there to greet and advise.
There was no Spezial Board…just ask was the remedy. The Fish Chettinad: ‘My Mother’s Recipe’ was the objective of the day. Marg, her ever ecumenical self, ordered the Lamb variant. They come with Reis, a Nan was suggested: there was compliance.
This is just what the ‘Curry-Heute Hector in the sky’ ordered: no sauce to speak of, crunchy – minuscule chopped onion and tomato added just before serving, curry leaves, maybe finely chopped Coriander stalks…, the Fish served in flakes: well this was how Neil and I recomposed the meal on the walk back to the Viktualienmarkt.
Marg’s Lamb Chettinad was similar, of course the Lamb came from The Pot and had a bit more Masala.

A Raita appeared magically, just in case Marg was finding the Curry-Heute to be ‘hot’.
Including one Mango Lassi and two waters…
€15 each. This was probably the best service ever had in a restaurant! Of course Hector had his photo taken with Jolly.

Neil and Marg were waved off and boarded the easyJet flight to Edinburgh only one hour late. Well, our previous two bookings on this route were cancelled, one volcano, one flurry of snow.



Not many people know this, but Jolly is a Percussionist

In 1974 he played with the Rolling Stones.
In 1976, Neil did not go to Hampden Park to see FC Bayern v St Étienne in the European Cup Final, he went to Glasgow’s Green’s Playhouse to see The Rolling Stones. Neil will bring corroboration to all this soonest.

This is the BBC
Now for some messages to our friends:

Der Hahnschen ist Tot…Wir sint and der Zone..
The Fish Chettinad is eaten. We are in the zone…
Chicken 1 is just leaving Ingolstadt – not in the zone yet! Where do we meet?
The Hen has left The City, The Cock shall approach a new Zone.
The Ducks have resurfaced all is Spezial.
Susy retires, the quest slows to be reawakened.
The men from Delmonte will come…

And so to Andechs am Dom, the Hofbräuhaus, and of course: The Augustiner Tap.

Food for the train

A quick visit to The Indien Express (Schiller Str) proved to be disappointing – closed. A Ruhetag hopefully.
There were three Hauptbahnhof served Asian Imbiss meals consumed on the 2108 Zug nach Nürnburg. Well he told me he was not hungry.

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  1. Neil says:

    Initial research indicates someone referred to as Charlie Jolly Kunjappu overdubbed tabla on the track Fingerprint File from the Rolling Stones album It's Only Rock'n'Roll (1974). Jolly Kunjappu also has his own albums:


    Incidentally if you put "Jolly Kunjappu"+restaurant into Google one of the first results is Curry-Heute.

    Thanks to Gerry for introducing me to Mango. I had a delicious meal, a refreshing change from the type of Indian food usually served up in the UK.

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