Nürnberg on Trial

Craig wiped Yvonne’s dish: ‘The day I ate a Vindaloo.’

Finding a Curry-Heute should not be difficult, in Nürnberg this apparently not so. The chaps walked in the pouring rain to the much hyped Indian Corner to find it closed…for six weeks.
We reassembled at Andechs and Hector proved he was not to be beaten. Mr Google gave the telephone number for the Ghandi, at least they answered. Craig was in the floor as I tackled the mission in a mixture of Deutsch and English: ‘You are closed for two months…Also..’

The Tadsch Mahal. (Johannis Str 10) may well have been the source of Google’s previous phantom pursuit. They are open! This is Nürnberg’s oldest Curry House. The layout is superb with tables on their individual dais. Craig, Yvonne, Robin and Hector were ushered up a spiral stair to the mezzanine.

Lamb Michiwali, or Vindaloo was the choice for Hector and Yvonne. I assured her that no German Vindaloo would ever be too hot.

The Goan Fish, a Tandoori dish, tempted Robin. He described it as excellent but mild.

To overcome his fear of Spice, Craig had the Chicken Tandoori. This was despatched and Craig was then mopping up Yvonne’s sauce.

“I’m more of a Vindaloo man myself”, declared Craig.

As Glasgow is the given place of origin of the Chicken Tikka Masala, it is strange to see both of the Tandoori dishes served without sauce.

And so to the main event.

Yvonne declared the ‘Vindaloo’ to be ‘Madras’ hot: there was a kick.
Hector reports the sauce to be genuine, the Lamb variable, from tough to excellent; however, the portion was decidedly small. I was happy to help Yvonne finish hers. The heat was from the added Chillies rather than the Masala itself.
There was a lot of rice.

The meal was good, but the long wait could have been broken with some Poppadoms etc. These were not even in the menu to order. Yvonne was not impressed. The Tadsch Mahal is a popular place, but where is the competition?

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