Namaskar, is the best Berlin has to offer?

What is Methi?

Berlin’s Namaskar Restaurant(Parisier Str 57, near Hohenzollern Platz) is reported on other sources as the city’s finest Indian Restaurant.
This was Hector’s first Berlin Curry-Heute, and so a good place to start.
A noon rendezvous was usurped by Steve announcing he was there. This proved it was open. The scaffolding outside would have made the heart skip a beat otherwise.

The Methi Mansha nearly won as the meal choice (Cubes of Lamb with: Onions, Ginger, Tomato and Fenugreek).

The Oolarithayathu was similarly based as the Methi Mansha but without (Methi) Fenugreek, instead with Cardamom, Cinnamon and Cloves. Could I get this with Methi?

“What is Methi?” The waiter asked.

It came, a sauce lacking onion. No yogurt ingredient was mentioned on the menu description but was evidently used.

A tray with extra sauces was included, one hot…very hot. Indeed, it turned a bland Curry into a do it yourself assault on the senses.

Now we have a Curry-Heute.
Robin’s Chicken Tandoori was good…but mild…but that is what he asked for.
Hövels Bier (the Dortmund Hausbräuerei) vom Faß was advertised…but we were advised that there were cellar problems.

Jonathan arrived late, not like him at all, but in time to take a photo of the three of us in front of the scaffolding.

“Once upon a time, Curry in Germany was a joke.”
Well so states the banner at the top of this Blog. If this is the finest Curry Haus in Berlin, then they will have to do much better. Anyone can make a sauce that looks lke a Curry: where were the tastes of the ingredients listed on their own menu?

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