Café Salma : Neil’s Treat

If you don’t ask…

This evening’s Curry-Heute began as a fruitless search for an outlet at Kelvinbridge which did not exist apparently. As Hector was Bon Accord bound, the Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, G3 7PQ) at Charing X seemed an obvious solution to the dilemma. It is no more than a ten minute walk at Hector’s pace past St George’s X and along Woodlands Rd from the West End.
Hassan, mein host, was at the door to greet my arrival in full costume . Being a Friday evening all of the staff were similarly attired. The welcome here is always outstanding.
On asking for a table for one, a familiar voice spoke from behind me: Neil was half way through his Curry. It was Neil who first made me aware of this venue earlier this year, one of life’s little ironies…

Neil was eating the Lahori Karahi with Lamb on the bone, the obvious choice. He too shares Hector’s disinterest in added Capsicum. (Why do so many places insist on adding this to Curry?) I ordered this with Mushroom Rice. Five minutes later the meal arrived. Given the wait for my previous two Curries (elsewhere) this brought an inward smile. Somehow I knew that given Neil’s notoriously slow eating pace, I would be finished before him. Hector was hungry!

The Lahori Karahi was oily, the taste was not as intense as the Yadgar, the memory of which still remains. The Café Salma experience is still highly distinctive. Hector declares this to be the 4th best Curry experience in Glasgow, Heute?

The waiter asked after five minutes if everything was well. Cue the Woody Allen line: I pointed out my observation that perhaps I had too much bone and not enough Lamb. The waiter disappeared for a moment, returned, took away my Karahi and it was filled with more meat. The fact that my ‘complaint’ was rectified immediately made the day.
Well actually Neil did. Having read the previous entries to this Blog, Neil decided that he too should say thank you for all of the work that went in to organising ‘Hector’s Hilpoltstein Happenstance’. There were fourteen of us on that trip – hint.

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