Signs of progress at The Village

This is the first Blog since the brand new Website: “” was established. 48 hours is a long time in Blogging. Hector has noticed that Google have now dropped this Blog from their search engine results for ‘Glasgow curry’. It used to appear straight after the presumably paid for selected restaurants. Now this Blog can only be found by Googling ‘Glasgow Curry Capital’. The Curry Karaoke (if someone can tell me when it is quiet Hector may pay a visit) now appear first – £££??? Do they want me to pay them, is this how it works?

Fifteen days is a Long time

It is Friday, it is a long time since Hector was at The Village (129 Nelson St, Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8DZ).
The expansion of The Village downstairs is showing the first external signs of progress. There could be windows under the tarpaulin. The new premises will be vast and the exterior will hopefully not lead to descriptions as another ‘Great Industrial Curry Shop of The North’.

Time will tell, meanwhile Hector feels at home in the temporary ‘Villagio’.

The Curry-Heute is the Lamb Tawa (hot) with the usual Vegetable Rice. It is Friday teatime after all and ballast is required for the night to come at The Bon Accord. Ah, Hector has just been informed that Punk IPA is on tonight. We should have this finished by 2100.
Paul texted Robin last evening to tell him what was on at The Bon : The Celtic game… Oh how we laughed…

The Tawa is a close relative of The Village Lamb Desi Korma, it is slightly less intense. In a blind tasting Hector wonders if he could tell them apart. Can the Chef?
The Village curries do not instantly blow you away, the taste creeps up on you. The rich sauce (onion and yogurt based) has a citrus aftertaste that lingers for hours.
Today the Vegetable Rice was truly outstanding. There was much more potato than normal and the Rice arrived piping hot. Sometimes one sees it sitting waiting for the arrival of the Curry.
Tonight was a perfect Village experience.

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