Cafe Salma on a Friday evening

It is the weekend, surely time for a Curry-Heute? Well Dr Stan thinks so, he has texted Hector suggesting a pre Bon Accord Curry. Perhaps the thought of 100 Polis invading our local is too much. Perhaps he is ensuring that Hector has ballast before watching Lithuania play Scotland. If Scotland play as poorly as in their last match, Hector could be arrested.
It is excellent for Hector to learn something from his own Blog. He has forgotten that the Lahori Karahi may not be the signature dish at Cafe Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, G3 7PQ).
The plan this evening is to return to the Cafe Salma for the Lamb Garam Masala, on-the-bone of course. The Garlic and Coriander Nan is something the house is proud of. Hector plans to have Rice at The Village tomorrow with Lord Clive before the demolition of the Pyraser Landbier. Yadgar could not provide us with a meal before 1400. Too late by far, this is the time for the tapping of the barrel.

Hector arrived early and was immediately presented with complementary Popadoms and Chutneys. This gave me time to actually read the menu. Having had only the two dishes in previous visits it is evident that this place has much more to offer. How soon can Hector return to sample the Ginger Lime or the Ravi Machi?
Dr Stan arrived exactly at 1800 and perused the menu. When I described Mr Holden’s statement that Koftas are apparently rare in Bradford he decided that the Palak Kofta had to be his choice. Hector has yet to see appreciate the fascination with meat balls, it is only mince after all. Dr Stan decided to have his Kofta ‘off-the-bone’.

Lamb Garam Masala

The meals came soon. They looked magnificent; the waiter could clearly see the delight. He was proud of what he was presenting, and why not?
Sucking Lamb off the bone is best done by eating with ones fingers. Absolute joy. The Garlic on the Garlic and Coriander Nan was to the fore. For hours afterwards Hector was licking his lips. The portion size turned out to be perfect.
Both plates were returned with not a scrap on them. Dr Stan may not be the most exuberant chap in Glasgow, however it was evident that he thoroughly enjoyed his first visit to Café Salma.

Kofta Palak

‘I might be back.’ Hector told the waiters on his exit.

Every day is a good day to eat Curry.

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  1. Neil says:

    I am partial to a meatball and it occurred to me after my previous visit to Cafe Salma that Kofta Palak might be a future option….

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