Cafe Salma, Saturday lunchtime

We are not going to The Village today after all.

It is written that as Lord Clive has not been to this very fine venue: so he shall go to the ball.

This was evidently Hector’s first ever trip to the city of Glasgow. Having bailed the train at Partick, Hector and Clive waited for a bus to take them towards Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, G3 7PQ). It is all to do with being in possession of a day bus ticket. Hector had never heard of the number 8 bus. ‘There is a 50% chance this bus will go along Sauchiehall St, a 50 % chance this bus will go along Argyle St, and a 1% chance it will turn up Byres Rd.’ Hector told Lord Clive.
So we walked back down Byres Rd and took the 16 to Sauchiehall St. Meanwhile Steve was speeding along Dumbarton Rd in the 62 which arrived in front of our 16. He could not work out why we did not see him and did not take the first bus. Steve arrived at Café Salma ‘ages’ before Hector and Lord Clive who managed to alight one stop too early. Hector needs a curry.
The staff did the inevitable double take as we walked in and joined Steve. ‘Are you still here’ Hector asked before our waiter started his patter.
This was a day of recommendations. Hector related that the Lahori Karahi and the Garam Masala were tried and tested. Our waiter, and why did I not ask him his name, told Steve that I would know best what to have.

The Big Breakfast

Hector ordered what he came for, the Lamb on-the-bone- Ginger Lime, but was almost distracted by the ‘Hot spicy Korma’. With help from the waiter, Steve ordered the Lamb Lahori Karahi off-the-bone and Lord Clive ordered the Chicken Lahori Karahi off-the-bone. Mushroom Rice, two Fried Rice a Keema Nan (For Clive) and a Garlic and Coriander Nan (for Steve) were the accompaniments. Where do people get an appetite like this so early in the day. This was breakfast.

We witnessed an ongoing cleaning operation whilst we waited, so hygiene levels are high. Take-aways were phoned in and collected. Another couple were seated soon adjacent to our window seat. We were not the only nutters having Curry at 13.00.

Lamb Lahori Karahi

The camera was inadequate in savouring the moment of the arrival of the Curry. Perhaps movie clips will have to be considered. The dishes were sizzling. Once again Hector could sense the level of anticipation of the assembled three rising.
There are times when ‘silence’ says it all. This was one of these times.

Chicken Lahori Karahi

There are times when ‘silence’ says it all. This was one of these times. Lord Clive knows his Glasgow Curry well: the Pholan Devi at The Alishan, the Dry Lamb Bhuna at Mrs Majhus (oh please bring this back) and The Village. He was once again impressed by what Glasgow has to offer. Steve agreed that he would be back.

The Ginger Lime has yogurt but in a minimal way. It is not a creamy dish at all. There is a thickness to the Masala that could not be achieved without the inclusion of dairy produce; however it in no way dominates. The Lamb as ever was cooked to perfection. The question of how much meat and how much bone is something Hector’s brain cannot stop considering whilst the meal is consumed. In the end there was some of the excellent Mushroom Rice left on the plate. The conclusion is that the portion size was therefore perfect. Hector was more than satisfied.

Hector realises that this has probably become his favourite Curry House north of the River.

And so what now? Well there is the not so small matter of Bier today; 30 litres of Pyraser Landbier awaits us on the South Side.

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