Clydebank (Hardgate) – Passage to India – Hector gets the munchies…

This could well be the closest Clydebank Takeaway to Hector’s House.
As Hector does not traverse through Hardgate that often there is a tendency to forget this outlet is there. Having had time to plan a Takeaway on leaving Helensburgh, trying Passage to India (574 Kilbowie Road , Hardgate, Clydebank, G81 6QU) seemed like a good idea.


The menu had some Specials and some Karahi dishes.

Hector opted for the Lamb Hydrabadicooked with Lentil sauce, spices and fresh Coriander–  with Special Fried Rice – Onions, Mushrooms : minus Capsicum as the side.
There was a ten to fifteen minute wait which was encouraging. The presence of other customers was also a good sign. It was only after the order was placed that Hector had the time to realise that the Teatime Specials could have incorporated my order and saved me money. (The other place at Parkhall does give this advice.)
On opening the trays it was evident that the portions were generous. Just how do people eat the Pakora or any-starter and a main meal? The Curry was red! Very red! Here we go thought Hector.

Does every Curry in Clydebank have to taste the same as every other Clydebank Curry?

It is as though there is one Chef running around all the outlets doing the preparation. The Lamb was Tikka Lamb. I would not have knowingly ordered this, I thought asking for Lamb would have been sufficiently clear. I feel the Tikka effect detracts from the taste of the herbs and spices. The Tikka flavour in Lamb is too dominant. The presence of Lentils and fresh Coriander is also questioned.

The Curry was eaten. It was unremarkable.

Marg appeared home later and had the reheated Pakora – ugh. Microwaving Pakora kills it, but it is her choice. Marg found the Pakora to be too spicy.
So that was the Passage to India then.

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