The search for Ingredient X

Hector was informed that a primary school parent would be demonstrating the art of Curry making to some young children this afternoon. Hector was there to pick up any tips from a lady whose heritage lies in Goa.
This would be very much a Curry for kids so nothing mind blowing was anticipated. In the end a Lamb and Lentil Curry was the meal of the day incorporating green beans, carrots and peas.
Preparation wise, very little oil was used and the oil was Olive oil. Oyster Sauce was added to the Masala of Onion, Ginger and Garlic. Perhaps three times the amount of spice powders than Hector was taught on his Curry Course many years ago, were used.
How to make Chapattis and a yogurt dip were also demonstrated.
At the moment of serving, Eleanor made a timely appearance. The Tapas sized portion was wolfed down.

Sadly there are few photos of the event: such are the restrictions in our culture.

Hector now had the taste of Curry, this had to be satisfied.

Every day is a good day to eat Curry.

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