Aloo-Palak Gosht plus Mühlen Kölsch

There were to be no babies in attendance at the Curry-Heute and Bier today Clydebank extravaganza.  Babies do not drink ‘mouthwash’ as one of the non attending company likes to describe Kölsch. They do not eat hot Curry either and so the Palak Gosht was announced in advance and there were no discerning voices.In the end the inevitable potato was added so it was officially an Aloo-Palak Gosht Curry-Heute!

The recipe for the Palak Gosht is published on this site.

Hector enjoys receiving praise for his efforts, who doesn’t?  The Curry was described as ‘excellent’ by one or two intelligent critics.  ‘Not the best Curry in the World’ by another who wanted to keep Hector’s feet firmly on the ground.  ‘But still very good’ was a general consensus.  This will do.

Dr Stan had three portions to everybody else’s two.  He always has to be different.

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