The Village, it had to be…

The Lamb Desi Korma is red today

The Ryder Cup is more important to some than going for a Curry-Heute.  It was Marg’s decision to go to The Village (129 Nelson St, Glasgow, G5 8DZ), Hector was not for complaining.  The dilemma is now one having declared yesterday’s Yadgar experience as being the best Curry I have ever tasted in Glasgow, what happens when I return to what is clearly my favourite Glasgow Curry house?

Hector let Marg choose The Village Lamb Desi Korma (off-the-bone).  The Lamb Laal Lahori (on-the-bone) is always consistent, this is what I needed as an insurance to prevent having to make unwelcome comparisons.  The usual Vegetable Rice and two Chapattis to share were the accompaniments. Marg believes we should drop the Rice.  This is brave talk, we shall see how she copes with Bradford next week.

The new car parking regulations are now in force.  If one does not register one’s car on a special machine in the restaurant, one faces a hefty £80 (wheel clamp?) fine.

The meals came very quickly. We were the only customers at 18.00 on a Sunday evening.

The Laal Lahori was just sublime.  The taste was intense.  The on-the-bone version has to be experienced.  After the meal when the waiter asked how we enjoyed it there was verification by us both that on-the-bone is the way to eat Lamb.  “…even if it is more difficult…”

Marg thoroughly enjoyed her very red Village Lamb Desi Korma.  She remarked on the Citrus flavour which is always to the fore.  Hector was permitted to eat the last piece of Desi Lamb with a little of the sauce.  Piquant, as Howard would say.


The TV and the radio were playing equally loudly.  Please turn one off, either, I do not care.

Walking across the sitting room he turned the television off…

Hector has been spoiled this weekend.   Two fantastic Curries.  It will have to be back to ‘mince and tatties’ tomorrow.

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