Swarg, Bamberg’s only and worst Curry Haus!

Bamberg is for Bier, not for Curry-Heute!

And they say the Germans do not have a sense of humour?

German Curry has been a joke for the years Hector has visited...    this is exactly what Hector means.   The restaurant Swarg (Frauenstr 2, 96047, Bamberg) is in a lovely building just behind the square off the main shopping street, an excellent location.  This may be the last positive in this report.

Hector walked into the restaurant and immediately spotted the Buffet on offer at the door.  Hopefully this is not all.  The menu that was brought was a fairly extensive lunchtime menu.  At €6.10 for a main dish this looked quite appealing, how wrong this thought was.  The Mutton Alu was ordered.  The accompanying bottle of mineral water was €3.50, ok so this is not the first time the cost of the water has been questionable.  Then it arrived…

What on Earth is this?

It’s Curry, Heute; but not as we know it…

The metal bowl was filled to the brim with the thinnest sauce, I cannot even bring myself to use the ‘M’ word.  The Onion must have been waved over the pot… was there any Garlic or Ginger used in the preparation?  It was just pink.  The Mutton was cut into small pieces, together they made a pitiful portion. The cut up Potato was no better.  This was a case of eat the oversized portion of boiled Basmati with the gravy and make the solids last as long as possible.

The taste?

Well this became a game.  Was there any?  There was a Green Cardamom and a Black Cardamom in the pot.  I tasted these as I encountered them in my mouth.  On both occasions I was hoping for meat.

The kick?

It should have been up the arse of the so-called Chef.  There was an adjacent lady who had the same dish from the Buffet and was audibly suffering.

Taj MahalThis was the worst Curry I have eaten in the past ten years.  The last one as bad as this was at the Taj Mahal in Zakynthos which is also the worst Greek holiday destination I have ever been to.  They had no idea and I asked them if they needed help, but they were Greek.  This venue is masquerading as a provider of Indian food.  It is shockingly poor.

Howard thinks he read of a new Indian restaurant opening soon in Bamberg – they will have no competition.

Update 2015

Cafe Zafran did open, Bamberg has two Currry Houses.

Swarg changed hands not long after this review and was greatly improved.

Swarg is now a – must visit – venue.

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