A Desi Curry for my wife

Aloo-Gosht Karahi

Hector realises that with the holiday season (mid-term), he has not cooked for over a fortnight. After the sheer delight of the Curry consumed in Bradford and München and the horrors of Bamberg, he puts on his apron and creates a variation on a well tried theme.

This is a Masala, just in case there is a Chef out there who does not know what the basic Curry formula is.  (Oh, how arrogant!)

In search of ‘The Taste’

In the interim the mixed Israeli Herbs ‘Zahatar’ are added with the crushed tomatoes: this gives a thicker darker texture and hopefully adds to the flavour.

This is cooked for as long as patience will permit before adding the meat, Lamb on-the-bone on this occasion.

An hour at least for the Lamb to cook and the Masala to give up the excess moisture, stirring frequently… then add vegetables of choice.  Today this was a tin of potatoes and a large mushroom.

Marg took one mouthful of Curry: ‘It has taste!’  This is it, what the whole thing is about.

‘Not too shabby.’ was Hector’s verdict.


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