Cafe Salma, once is not enough

A sensible Friday evening rendezvous with Dr Stan at Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall Street, Charing X, Glasgow, G3 7PQ)before an evening in the Bon Accord.

Last time Dr Stan had the Kofta Palak because he could, he likes it and Mr Holden raves about it.  Hector related his first encounter of Kofta Palak at the Karachi in Bradford and how afterwards when I tasted Marg’s Karahi Gosht the flavour of the latter came through so magnificently.  ‘I should have had the Kofta Palak as the starter’ I said.

Not Rocket Science

Dr Stan suggested we do this: ‘Why not share a Kofta Palak as the starter?  And so we did much to the amusement of the waiter and Hassan himself.  ‘Last time I had this I wanted a Curry after it.’ I told Hassan.  One Chapatti between the two of us was deemed a compromise: we did not wish to spoil the main event.

Better than Bradford, by far!

The Palak Gosht at Café Salma is outstanding.  Not because of the meatballs but because of the quality of the Masala.  The blend if Spinach is perfection.  So much so Dr Stan ordered Palak Gosht as his main meal (with Vegetable Rice).  ‘This is better than the Bradford version ’I told Dr Stan, ‘…did I just say that?’

Hector returned to familiar ground and had the Lahori Karahi (Lamb on-the-bone with Mushroom Rice), which was delivered a decent time after our starter so as not to overload us.

Sadly the Karahi Gosht was not as powerful a taste as the Palak so the Bradford phenomenon was not repeated.  Hector ate every last grain on his plate.  The appetite had been satisfied to perfection.

As ever the staff were as friendly as ever and ensure that everything is fine, regularly.

Hassan was given his first copy of Hector’s calling card, so we await his comments.


Given the dominance of the strength of the Spinach Masala, Dr Stan and Hector have decided to repeat this order, but have the Kofta Palak as a dessert!

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