Dr Rick, Dr Stan and Master Hector at Cafe Salma, with Mr Boyd

Curry is hotter than Fireworks…and better value for money

This is probably Hector’s first ever Curry with Dr Rick.  It was Dr Stan who arranged the meet so inevitably Mr Boyd was also present.

The complementary Popadoms and Chutney was already on the table when Hector arrived.  I really should make the rendezvous time 17.35 as this is the time I get there courtesy of First Scotrail.

The welcome was warm as ever, from the staff, not the Chaps.

Our ‘Starters’ were ordered.  The staff were clearly still amused by Dr Stan and Hector’s shenanigans last visit.

Hector chose the Lamb (on-the-bone) Garam Masala, Dr Stan and Mr Boyd the Lahori Karahi (off) and Dr Rick the Lamb South Indian Garlic Chilli (Green peppers, onions and chilli sauce).  Two of the superb Vegetable Rice a Pilau and a single Boiled Rice (for Dr Rick) were the sides, so far.

Dr Stan does not say much when he is eating.  Mr Boyd is certainly quieter when he eats, but was possibly formulating his long lecture on the American Civil War that was to unfold in the Bon Accord afterwards.  Dr Stan thinks he must brush up on his knowledge of the Plantagenets.

‘Nice’ was Mr. Boyd’s verdict halfway through his meal, this evolved into ‘excellent’ as he scraped the last grains of rice together.  Dr Stan pronounced his meal to be ‘most enjoyable’, but of course it was: this is Café Salma after all, the finest Curry House north of the river.

Dr Rick took time to formulate his verdict: ‘”Excellent, after a long dry period without Curry.  The end of the Curry Fast. ” Although Chicago does boast Indian restaurants, Dr Rick resides so far out of town he has been deprived one of life’s greatest pleasures for too long.

Hector normally has the Lahori Karahi because he forgets the Garam Masala is so good.  Tonight the Masala was thicker than I remember it, more Daal?  Although having asked for ‘Hot’ it was not particularly spiced.  It made a great change from the norm, or the trap that I get into at times.  When did I last have a Methi Lamb?  When was the last time I saw a Methi Lamb on a menu?

The waiters, attentive as ever, asked if we had enjoyed our starters.  ‘We are having Dessert’ announced Hecor.  The Dessert menus were brought, why?

‘One Kofta Palak, one Chapatti and four forks please.’ There was applause from Hassan behind the counter.  The young waiter thought we were winding him up, the other staff knew better.

This is a magnificent way to finish of a Curry.  Spinach Curry is something I have to be in the mood for.  To have just a fraction of this intensely flavoured dish is wonderful.  Of course there were five meatballs in the portion so Mr Boyd duly carved the final one into four pieces.  Children, us?

There was Bier afterwards, Roaring Meg the highlight of the evening.

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