Another Perfect Day, at The Village

Even with Motörhead the eventual climax to the evening…

There were three first time visitors at The Village this evening: Eric, Donald and Michael.  They joined Alan and Hector on what has become a pre-Motörhead Village Curry ritual.

Alan decided to have the Lamb Tawa as he has found the Village Lamb Desi Korma to be too bitter.  This did not put off Donald who took Hector’s advice and went for it.  Eric had it in Chicken.  Chicken?  Who eats Chicken Curry?  Eric, apparently.

Michael selected the Lamb Laal Lahori so at least we were all of the Desi part of the menu.

This was an assembled group of serious Curry eaters who had not shared a table since a certain Stag Night at the Ashoka in Ashton Lane too many years ago.

Overkill?  No way

Of course the chaps were impressed.  Three Garlic Nans had been consumed by the end of the meal plus the usual assorted Rice.  Michael was already planning his next trip to the Village and who his guests would be.

Killed by Death

Motörhead were better than last year – fewer obscure tracks.  More of what the punters want.

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  1. michael says:

    Dear Hector,

    Just a quick note to thank you for choosing such an excellent venue for the Pre Motorhead Curry. I have already lined up a return trip for next week to the Village and will be suggesting to my guests that they choose from the Desi section of the menu. If any of them ask for chicken!, well it may well be time to start dancing on their grave.



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