A Wee Curry Shop Sunday

Hector suspects that Marg is becoming a ‘Curry Fiend’

After dropping Hector in town on Monday evening Marg felt ‘the call’ and stopped off at ‘Dining In’, the latest Mother India incarnation in Glasgow.  On Friday evening it was Pakora from Freddies the local Kebab shop, Saturday the Shish Mahal, and today she suggested our Sunday constitutional should be rounded off with a Curry-Heute.

Wot me worry?

For a brief period a few years back the Wee Curry Shop (41 Byres Road, Glasgow, G11 5RG) was the favourite eating place of Hector and Marg under the moniker of ‘Mrs Majhu’s.  They made a ‘Hector’ Curry – the driest Lamb dish I had ever encountered.

We arrived as the first customers of the evening (I wish they opened earlier) and  much to Marg’s disappointment I opted not to sit in the balcony area.  Fear of heights, moi?  Two menus were offered the main one and the Early Evening menu.  The former was not particularly extensive, both had the Lamb Karahi but only the evening menu had what attracted Marg : Chicken Breast with Fenugreek Potatoes.

At £8.50 for a Starter followed by a main course and sundries this was a wise option after the excess of the night before.

We both chose the Herb Crusted Salmon as the Starter.  This arrived in foil with the token Salad.  OK, the portion was small but Hector knows too well how filling Salmon can be.  This was ideal.  The Beetroot in the accompanying Salad was sufficient to provide a distraction and complemented the Fish very well. A good start.

We were asked on clearing the table if we were ready for our mains.  Yes we were.  This is always appreciated.

Once again it was clear that we had smaller portions than one might have expected had we gone al la carte. This early in the evening this would prove to be ideal.  The plan was to share the two Chapattis and the Rice, in the end Marg felt the Potato content of her dish was more than sufficient.  Hector had all the Rice, and a Chapatti.  Permitted a dip at Marg’s Masala, the Methi was to the fore.  Very pleasant.

The Lamb Karahi

This to Hector is the signature dish of many Curry houses today.  This did not disappoint.  The Masala was minimal.  The taste of Cinnamon was the first to emerge.  This was an excellent meal.

The Bill : £20.55 For two meals and two soft drinks this is excellent value.  We left both satisfied with what we had eaten but sad that the weekend Curry extravaganza was over.

The shape of things to come

I do not refer to the possible expansion of waste lines but the fact that with no winter Indoor Hockey commitment  this could become a normal Sunday out for Hector and Marg. To what extent Marg has acquired ‘The Curry Bug’ shall be revealed to all our readers in the coming weeks and months.

We did go to a Chinese supermarket this afternoon, back to the norm of home cooking tomorrow.  Oh, and Dr Stan was met  by chance on the canal bank at The Firhill Basin.  Is this an omen?

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