Akash, Helensburgh : a home from home

It’s that time of the month…


…when Hector has to stay late in Helensburgh for an evening meeting.  This gives the opportunity to visit the Akash (45 Sinclair St., Helensburgh, G84 8TG) Fortunately Marg realises that if she joins me she gets fed.  We were the first customers of the evening but it was there was a considerable take-away trade being conducted.  Hector is told that the rival Flamingo Take-away shop may not be what it was.

The Chicken Chat starter is a must.  So we had it.  Perhaps not as wonderful as it used to be.

Hector thinks he knows this menu blindfold, so it was humbling when Marg discovered  the Methi Gosht Bhuna.  I had committed to having the Lamb Gulap, a dish that ticks all of the Hector Curry boxes: a dry Masala, no Capsicums and a claim to have all the correct blend of ingredients.

Mushroom Rice and two Chapattis were the accompaniments.

The Gulap arrived and was decidedly oily.  Hector does not mind this.  It was perhaps under salted; however this could be a thrown back to the days when Hector painted his food white.  It is twelve years since Hector added salt to any meal.  (..others have carelessly added salt to my chips, but now I cannot eat more than half a dozen chips at any given time…)

I cannot say that this meal was in any way outstanding.  This is a case of over familiarity with the Curry presented at the Akash.  One is never presented with a poor Curry but that magical something is missing at present.  Maybe this is the Yadgar/Village/Salma effect?

Marg enjoyed her Methi Gosht Bhuna and left me a couple of pieces of Lamb, what a Lady!  This was much sweeter than one would expect a dish with Methi to be.  The Masala was dark and rich.  Hector suspects this will be tried in full on the next visit which is not due until February, twice.



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