Dining In, or Mother’s Indian Sunday

Marg had a sneaky first visit to ‘The Den’ at Dining In (1347 Argyle St, Kelvingrove, Glasgow) a couple of week’s ago.  Dining alone and going for a Curry, two simultaneous historic events.  The choice of venue was therefore on Marg’s recommendation.

Lunch with Mother

Regular visitors to Curry-Heute will know that the Mother of Hector is responsible for his exposure to this staple food in his formative years.  We like to take her to new and interesting places, Dining In should fit the bill.

This is another in the Mother India chain in Glasgow.  Hector has the greatest of respect for what has been achieved in this city since 1993 when the core restaurant was opened – alas as is written, April 30 was not a good experience and he has not returned.

Essentially Dining In is a delicatessen and a take-away outlet with a small seating area, the Den, hence ‘Dining In’.  A double ‘n’ is what Hector thought logical but as with most of the cafe style restaurants in Glasgow, this shop is not licensed.  In no way is this a problem.

An Invitation

The take-away menu is extensive.  There is a pre-ordering service.  With five days notice they will do their slow-cooked specials.  A Desi Style Lamb dish at £25 for 2kg is meant to feed 8 – 10 people.  If Hector’s Curry Cohort express an interest we could arrange this, although I think about six of us may be sufficient.

A single sheet menu was presented as is the style in the Wee Curry Shops.  There were only two Lamb dishes to choose from.  Mother went for the Lamb Curry which described itself as a simple straightforward dish and Boiled Rice.  Hector was attracted by the Pan Fried Lamb with Chickpeas and Mushrooms – alas after the order was given I was informed this was not available and so I kept Mother company.   A Radish filled Paratha could not be resisted.  Marg chose a brave dish – Keema Lamb with Raita and a Roti.

Marg’s dish arrived without the Roti so there was a momentary hiatus as she considered her next move.  Then a puffed up bread was presented, magnificent.  The dish was ‘Bradford-dry’ and Marg found the combination of Meat and Raita to be pleasant.  The Roti was ‘popped’ and the meal devoured.  ‘Hot, spicy and filling’ are Marg’s well chosen words of appreciation.

Mother enjoyed her Curry, the plates were hot and for her this is always a good start.  The Rice portion was larger than a lady of years could manage.  Now Hector has high expectations.  One can only say that  this dish was unremarkable.  It was indeed a Lamb Curry.  It was nothing special at all.  Literally through the wall in the Mother India Café others were no doubt consuming the Lamb-Okra dish which is one of the best Curries served north of the Clyde.  I was wishing I was with them.  The Paratha was superb.

At the end of the meal the waiter asked if I had found my Curry to be too spicy.  Not at all. I had time to study the rest of the premises.  There was a fridge with an array of take-away meals for reheating at home, tempting.  There was another Lamb dish under the counter in a large tray – why was this not offered?  One could easily see into the kitchen, Chefs were present, so why the limited choice of dishes on offer?

Five days notice

One concludes that given the pedigree of the chain, the meals cooked to order should compete with the best on offer in Glasgow.   Time will tell if Hector returns to confirm this.

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    I simply said,” That piece of halibut is good enough for Jehovah”

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