Govindam, in a snowbound Köln

Govindam, the Vegetarian restaurant at Barbarossa Platz, (Roonstrasse 3, 50674, Köln) is the place Hector headed for in November. It does not open late. This was to be Hector’s first  Curry in a Vegetarian Restaurant in some twenty years.

The restaurant-cafe was a large L-shaped room, Spartan would be a splendid description for the décor.

Today I interrupted a small family gathering and ordered a Bhindi Masala, Okraschoten mit Karttoffelen. A Paratha was ordered too. The place started to fill up. Clearly this venue has a clientèle, but not the sort that Hector would normally associate with, Veggies?

The Paratha came first. Hot, seriously hot. The yoghurt dip made me wonder if the main event was coming, or was this my Starter?

The blend of grated potato and Herbs came to the fore. This is the best Aloo Paratha I have ever tasted.

The Curry then came after maybe five minutes more.  Potato and Okra, that is what I was expecting, it came with Rice as is the German way. Freshly cooked and well presented is the positive statement. It had spice. There was nothing distinctive about the taste other than it reminded me of the packet snacks that KRK (Glasgow) sell.  The use of the term ‘Masala’ was decidedly arbitrary.

The meal was most satisfactory: it was exactly what I was in the mood for. Given the likely events of the rest of the day I did not need anything heavy but did need a filling.

Oh the Gluhwein is Gluh….

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