The First Curry-Heute of 2011 – Cafe Salma

January 4, 2011 and Hector has not had had Curry this year.  Mango in München was closed for the festive season and so it was on my return to Glasgow that the Curry Lust could be satisfied.

Let fate decide?

This time last year The Village would have won hands down but after the two significant discoveries of last year there was a choice.  Hector was awaiting a reply from Robin as to the rest of the day’s itinerary.  A Southside meeting would mean Yadgar would be most convenient.  The train was going to Glasgow Central and so The Village would be nearest.  In the end Hector made up his own mind and changed at Partick: I have not been to Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, Charing X, Glasgow, G3 7PQ) for an unusually large amount of time in the Hector Curry Calendar – this was to be the correct choice.

What a welcome

Hassan ran around the counter as I walked in.  There was a sequence of hugs, then the shaking of hands.  One does not get welcomed like this anywhere else, well I don’t!  The lack of Curry-Heute over the last few days was discussed – the Curry Fix was required.

The complementary Popadoms and Chutneys  were presented instantly.  I was already worried that eating both of these would fill me: this was lunchtime after all and the appetite is never as large.  I shall keep one for Desert!

The Lamb (off-the-bone) Garam Masala and Mushroom Rice was the order of the day.  There was a conscious decision not to have my usual choice : the Lahori Karahi.

As I was the only customer on arrival there was little time to wait for the meal to arrive.  The Mushroom Rice was steaming hot, the Curry looked ample and the Masala was thick.  One can tell before one starts that this is going to be another wonderful meal.  The Masala was decidedly sweeter than the Lahori Karahi.  One deduces the thickness was achieved with Daal or another pureed vegetable, not Onion I would observe.

Hector was dining alone.  Dr Stan later admitted that he knew I would be out for a Curry-Heute, he would have come if contacted but did not feel the motivation to pre-empt this.  We shall return on Friday.

Hector Who?

By the time my meal arrived two other sets of diners were seated and the takeaway business was also steady.  On taking the order at the adjacent table Hassan told the diners that this is ‘Hector’ who has a Curry Website.  The puzzled look was most amusing.  I left my card.  One never knows, from such acts new recommendations may be forthcoming.

Happy New Year

On departure Hassan showed me the bill and then decided to round it down to a tenner.  This was perhaps the equivalent to first pint of the New Year in one’s local being free.  Now here is a tradition that restaurateurs would do well to establish.

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