The Village : Return to Normality

The best way to spend a Saturday afternoon

It was Yvonne who made the decision that we were all going to The Village (129 Nelson St, Tradeston, Glasgow, G58DZ). The return of the snow made Marg free to join us. Robin had made the determined effort not to eat in advance. We were a table of nine today. Hector phoned in the booking for 15.00, it was just as well he did, another large party was also present. Business is booming.

The Latecomers

It must be recorded that Yvonne and Craig were five minutes late. This is important as Hector has yet to be forgiven for a late arrival in November. Jonathan arrived after the orders were taken.



The Orders

Six of us (eventually) ordered the legendary Village Lamb Desi Korma. Robin chose the Lamb Rogan Josh a dish I had never contemplated at this venue, interesting. Howard chose from The Board: the Specials have been the same for weeks. Aloo Gosht (on-the-bone) sounds much more appetising than Egg Kofta.

Craig took the safe option and opted for his ‘Babyfood’ aka Tandoori Chicken. Is this really a Curry?

The Vegetable Rice was the side chosen by most of us, though Mags went for

Mushroom Rice. Three Boiled Rice were requested. Howard added a Paratha and Marg a Chapatti. For reasons unknown, the Boiled Rice and the Breads arrived uncomfortably late. A bit better organsiation was required. Or is this the problem with dining in such a large group?

The Plates

Eight plates were issued, Tracey did not get one. Sitting at the furthest side from the counter the waiter had run out. Jonathan, on a separate order, had her plate. Jonathan of course had ordered a Lamb Desi Korma: ‘I bet he gets my Curry too.’ remarked Hector.         He did!

The Curry-Heute

When Hector eventually received his Lamb Desi Korma it was steaming hot. A result. Tracey had asked for hers to be ‘hot’, a Green Chilli was evident on top. The rest of us were happy to accept it as it comes. The consensus was that the normal is also ‘hot. Why should a ‘Korma’ be mild, this one certainly is not. One has always surmised that this dish has the nomenclature Korma’ because Yoghurt is part of the Masala. The Citrus stands out. Six hours afterwards the taste lingers. Every last grain of Rice was cleared from Hector’s plate.

Robin was a very good boy and finished his Rogan Josh. ‘Most enjoyable’ was his verdict. Time will tell if he contiues to join the merry band of Saturday afternoon Curry eaters.

No Milk Today

Having eaten the ‘Babyfood’, Craig was well fortified. Indeed, his penchant for taking the floor at The Allison Arms had people ‘staying in droves.’ (sic)

The Bill

£80 for nine diners. No alcohol served and not a table cloth in sight. We are here for the Curry, the Allison Arms provides the required selection of Bier.


The Future

Discussion with Mr Baig after the meal revealed that the opening of the new premises is not too far away. Email addresses are being requested on the bill printout. Hector@curry-heute is only a click away.

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