More Curry? Marg: ‘I want Butter Chicken’

Marg:  ‘This is the best Butter Chicken served anywhere!’

Last night Marg declared that for the last day of the holiday we were going to Mother India Cafe (1355 Argyle St, Glasgow, G3 8AD). This certainly surprised Hector who thought that the Yadgar experience would be the natural Curry-climax to the week.

Marg wished Butter Chicken, the real one, having had a poor impersonation earlier in the week.

Hector felt ‘Lambed-out’ and so there was a determination not to have my usual combination of Machi Massala and Lamb Karahi. The Specials today contained Kofta, ok it is Lamb Meatballs but rabbit food is not for me. Marg also had a Vegetable Pakora about which no comment was made whatsoever, she was too busy marvelling at her Butter Chicken with Lemon Rice.

It may be my imagination but the portions at the Mother India Cafe may have got larger? I wondered how many meatballs would define the Kofta Tappas portion, three large ones was the answer.


The Masala with the Kofta was thick and dark. I had some of Marg’s Rice as the Paratha had not arrived. The taste of the Masala was out of this world, the salt content was high which one concludes is necessary to bring out the full flavour. The Kofta meatballs were almost incidental but one supposes it is the combination of both which makes the dish.

The Machi (Fish) Massala has been a stalwart dish in the menu since my first visit. I could not contemplate not ordering this dish. The Masala was drier, just how Hector likes it! The Fish had been battered, again I wonder why they do this. The Masala was decidedly different from the previous dish: this had more Citrus and was distinctly Spicier. There was a lot of it too.

This venue and Cafe Salma remain Hector’s favourite two sources north of the River Clyde.

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  1. Hector says:

    I hope you like the review.


  2. rasam says:

    graden of india antwerpen the frist belgina curry

  3. ramesh says:

    garden of india antwerpen the first belgina curry

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