No. 28?, it’s the 24th!

Can Helensburgh support three Curry Houses? (and the Flamingo Take-Away next door)

Hector was informed recently that No. 28 (28 East Princes Street, Helensburgh, G84 7QA) had reverted to being a Curry House. Needless to say I had not set foot across the threshold since it had ceased to do so.

Window dressing

Despite there being only three customers, Marg and Hector were given what appeared to be the only table for two – in the middle of the floor – and effectively blocking the door. Is there a worst seat in this restaurant?

The menu was issued, the middle pages were devoted to the Chef’s Recommendations.   Chicken Tikka was the standard with Lamb an extra £1.50. Hector does not wish Tikka Lamb in a Curry.

There was nothing really to catch my eye. I was even thinking of bailing and crossing the road to the ever dependable Akash. However, over the page under the banner ‘Popular Curries’ was a short list: Methi Gosht! Hang on, Staff Curry! Hector is staying.

It did not take much persuasion to sell Marg the Methi Gosht. The waiter then blew the charm by telling me that the Staff Curry was not available on-the-bone as advertised…’authentic Indian cuisine’. A Vegetable Rice and two Chapattis were the usual sides.

It was then we were offered Papadoms, why where they simply not brought to the table? Are they complementary, the price is not on any menu I saw. Hector declined.

Think again

Two steel platters were brought to the table. These had been warmed. ‘Original plate warmers’ thought Hector. Surprise! These were our plates. This was original but as steel cools very quickly so they were ‘stone-cold’ (sic) by the end of our eating.

The Curry-Heute

The Vegetable Rice was excellent, there were large pieces of Potato as well as Cauliflower. The Chapattis were dire, far too dry and tired by the time we were given them. Oh, the Curries?

Sadly the Staff Curry left me hoping that the staff go elsewhere to eat. This was blaaaaand. There were thin slices of Mushroom and some Capsicum had sneaked in but not too much to make it remarkable. The Lamb was sufficient in quantity but could have been cooked longer. The question is always one of how long the Masala and the Lamb had been intimate?

Marg announced that the Methi Gosht (with Lamb! Duh…) was ‘hot’. It was thick with Methi and resembled a typical Palak/Saag consistency. This commentator thinks that the Methi should be more subtle than this. Lucky Hector was able to finish the last morsels of the Methi Gosht (with Lamb, duh!). It was significantly better that the Staff Curry.

£28 with two soft drinks and a coffee. I could not help but note that there is apparently no discount for take-away orders but there is a £2 delivery charge.

Will Alan and Tracy one day insist we make a second visit or shall it be old faithful, the Akash?


Gone with the wind

Tomorrow is another day.

Bradford, here comes Hector!

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