A Saturday Sojourn to Sheerin Palace

With a big day planned for tomorrow a solo Curry-Heute was called for.  The Sheerin Palace (300 Allison St, Glasgow, G42 8HQ) just around the corner from Yadgar is a venue I was determined to return to.  Last time it was Quail but the Kofta-Egg curry had caught the eye: it was available.

I surveyed the dishes under the glass counter – it looked pretty much the same as on my last visit: the Chicken-Rice, Chana and Okra Curries all lined up.  I thought the Chicken-Rice was worth another try and so ordered this along with the Kofta-Egg and sat down.

Another chap was about to get tucked in.  A woman arrived with an annoying wee brat.  Hector counted 24 seating places – tight but maybe not so cosy.  This place is very much the Café-style Curry house, the takeaway trade was doing well.

Huge portion, big bones

I received my Kofta-Egg in one plate and an outrageous portion of Chicken-Rice on another.  Who on earth could eat all this – still it was worth the try.  I poured the wet Kofta-Egg over the Rice and started on the two Chicken pieces; well I assume it was Chicken.  The bones were large.

The Egg factor had created a sense of daring in the back of my mind yet as soon as the first piece of hardboiled Egg was tasted I realised I have been eating Curried Eggs all my life, indeed the recipe is in the drop-down menu above!

Why meatballs – do they taste better than Mince, perhaps?  I could not discern anything to make the Kofta element stand out; however it is all about the Masala.  This was dark red, oily, very runny and took me back once more to the 1960s and the very first Curries served in Glasgow.  I love this taste and miss it – raw and uncompromising.  I could have done with more to make the Rice more interesting.  In the end I had to leave some Rice.

The guys behind the counter were interested in the calling card and permitted the above photo of the shop to be taken.  They have pride in what they serve and justifiably so.  Next time more Quail please.

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