The Akash, Helensburgh, a surprise in store…

After the experience of the re-launched venue across the road, it was back to the Akash (45a Sinclair St, Helensburgh, G84 8TG) for this Curry-Heute.  One is always of the opinion that there is nothing new to order, I have eaten my way through the menu in the last almost thirty years.  How wrong was Hector!

Located at the prime site in Helensburgh, the station corner at the main traffic lights, the Akash now has another eating venue immediately below it. The ground floor does not sell Curry, perhaps one of the few newly opened venue selling traditional UK fare that does not.

Marg and Hector were the only customers initially.  A familiar taxi driver came in and packed some orders for take-away.  More Take-aways and then the place started to fill.  At 18.00 on a Wednesday the place was doing good business.  What does this say about the other Curry venues in the town?

The song remains the same

The staff have not changed, the same faces for years.  Dinnis, one of the immortals, was a larger than life character.  His presence is always missed.  The current staff are polite, attentive and always ensure the meal is up to the expected standard.  They do not do humour. Shuel and/or his father – Mr Ali  appear at some point in every visit. One wonders why another source cites a poor experience here.

I couldn’t not have the Chicken Chat.  As described before, this is off-the-bone and is served with slivers of Cucumber.  It is like a dry Curry rather than that typically served.  The Chicken is served in larger chunks than it has been over the years, it is a fine experience.  Marg loves the Vegetable Pakora at the Akash so the Starters were our norm.

 And now for something completely different

Methi-Gosht Bhuna!  When did this appear on the Akash menu?   Perhaps Alan will have an answer?  Hector could not resist.  Marg also decided that sweet was the way ahead this evening: Chicken Patia.  ‘It will not be as good as mine.’ stated Hector: see recipe drop down menu above.

Vegetable Rice and two Chapattis were the sundries.

The Chicken Patia was red, incredibly red.  (There is no food colouring in my recipe.)  Marg enjoyed it but left two pieces of meat, bad.

The Methi-Gosht Bhuna impressed from the moment of its presentation.  The Masala was minimal as indeed a Bhuna should be.  There Masala was thick with large pieces of Onion.  There was some tomato, maybe there was more Tomato in the dish than necessary.  The Methi content was not over done.  Some venues present a dish that is indistinguishable from Palak/Saag, Hector knows what happens if one adds too much Methi – overkill!

Taste wise, this dish had Clydebank overtones – a sweetness, a reddishness that was alien to the concept of the dish.  The overall impression was it was halfway there, but it did not have the Akash taste that permeates all of their dishes. this was sufficiently different, it was pleasant, the meal was thoroughly enjoyed.  I shall be having this on my next visit.

The portion was decidedly larger than on offer at The Village.  Hector reached the status of satisfied, so much so, I could not finish Marg’s remaining two pieces of Chicken, very bad.

The Bill

At £28.00 for two starters, two main meals, sundries,  and two excellent Coffees with copious quantities of Cream, this is very good value.


I was copying an old video tape on to DVD for a colleague today.  When the credits rolled at the end of the Scottish made documentary, the sound man’s name caught my eye: Ian Cowie, aka Mr Snax!  One day our paths will cross…

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  1. Alan says:

    I hate to say this , the Methi-Ghost Bhuna has been on the menu for years.


    ps What a brilliant April Fool!

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