Hector’s Home Cooking : Machi Masala

A Creamy Masala with fresh Trout

It is time to cook one of my favourite recipes; however, one cannot have this too often.  This meal is very rich and one can only guess at the calories.  Marg always enjoys this dish to the full: such is the praise, I become a great big insufferable old Hector.  Tonight the ‘Interesting Vegetables’  are New Potatoes and Pak Choi.

Having left in the spines of the Trout there was a need for the Abfälle pot.  Not so spicy and very creamy was Hector’s verdict.  So why does this go down so well?  It is all about the fish – Fish Curry – a life changing experience.

Marg speaks!

The dish looked as good as it tasted.  The sauce was thick and rich in flavour and had the usual kick as well.  Once the potato was mashed up it was able to soaked up the sauce.  The fish was very tasty and although the bones were still in the dish it did not spoil the eating.

Oh, so she didn’t say it was too hot, it wasn’t, surely…

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